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The abundant expertise, knowledge, guidance, wisdom, experience, encouragement, and support available through instruction at Chicago International Organ Academy are offered in exchange with students for monetary or other mutually agreeable currencies.

The suggested minimum monetary exchange is $75 per lesson. Exchanges above that amount are always welcome, but not required. No maximum exchange has been established.

An initial consultation (either in person, over the phone, or via Skype, FaceTime, or Google HangOuts) and the first lesson are the ways in which teacher and student determine if CIOA will meet their goals and aspirations. As such, there is no expectation of an exchange for these first steps.

There are no registration fees, and you may discontinue your lessons at any time.

For those desiring instruction from afar, the cost of subscribing to the cloud-based file sharing platform (Collabra) is as follows:

$8.00 per student per month

$32.00 per student per semester (every four months)

$64.00 per student per two semesters (for eight months)

$72.00 per student per year (twelve months at $6 per month)