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    Form Indicating Interest

    After submitting this form, you will receive a confirmation of its receipt by CIOA. We may contact you to clarify your responses below or to request additional information.

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    Please check the boxes for all classes in which you have a strong interest and would like to participate in the near future. You will be contacted when these classes are ready to be scheduled. Please respond in the DETAILS section below with all of the days and times that you are free to participate in the classes you are selecting.

    1. Hymn & Service Music Playing (SPC/NPM)Hymn & Service Music Playing (CAGO/NPM)Hymn & Service Music Playing (AAGO)

    2. Transposing Hymns (SPC/NPM)Transposition (CAGO/NPM)Transposition (AAGO)Transposition (FAGO)

    3. Sight-reading (SPC/NPM)Sight-reading (CAGO/NPM)

    4. Organ Repertoire (SPC/NPM)Organ Repertoire (CAGO/NPM)Organ Repertoire (AAGO)Organ Repertoire (FAGO)

    5. Modulation (CAGO/NPM)Modulation (AAGO)

    6. Music Theory/Keyboard Harmony (support for transposition, modulation, harmonizing melodies, improvisation)

    7. Anthem and psalm accompaniment (SPC/NPM)Anthem and solo accompaniment (CAGO/NPM)

    8. Figured bass (AAGO)

    9. Adapting piano accompaniments to the organ (FAGO)

    10. Open-Score reading: G and F clefs (AAGO)Open-Score reading: C and F clefs (FAGO)

    11. Harmonizing melodies and basses (AAGO)

    12. Ear Training/Aural Skills: Dictation in two parts, error detection (ChM)Ear Training/Aural Skills: Dictation in one and two parts (AAGO)Ear Training/Aural Skills: Dictation in two and four parts (FAGO)

    13. Improvisation (CAGO/NPM)Improvisation (AAGO)Improvisation (FAGO)


    Please check any options here that apply to you, and explain more fully in the comment boxes provided below each option.

    I am regularly available on the following days at the following times to participate in the classes I have selected above. Please list all morning, daytime, and evening possibilities.

    I would like to play and receive feedback from the instructor during the classes that I have selected above (either in person or online).

    I would like to participate in person at First Methodist Church, 77 W. Washington St., Chicago, IL.

    I would like to participate online.

    How did you hear about CIOA and the SPS Classes?

    If you are preparing for an AGO or NPM certification exam, please indicate which one: SPC, CAGO, AAGO, FAGO, NPM. Full descriptions of these exams may be found at or

    I would like to suggest additional topics not listed above.

    I have comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns.